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Connecting Speakers and Headphones

1. Connecting Speakers and Headphones

This lesson will teach you how to connect your headphones, speakers (on PC/Mac) and mobile device (with the included 4 wire RCA cable) to the DJ controller. When playing music you want to be able to hear your music. This can be done with either headphones or speakers. While DJ-ing you can use the headphones for listening to the actual track playing and also monitoring the new track you want to start mixing in. You are able to DJ with headphones only, but if you want to play music for an audience you’ll need speakers so the audience can enjoy your DJ set on the dance floor.
Set-up Beatport on PC or Mac

2. Set-up Beatport on PC or Mac

This lesson will show you how to connect the controller to your computer and how to install the software needed to DJ. This tutorial shows the entire set-up process step for step. From how to connect your controller to your computer with a USB cable to installing drivers, installing and running the Beatport and DJAY Pro DJ Apps. We even show how to load and play and pause a track. Time to get started!
Set-up on Mobile Devices

3. Set-up on Mobile Devices

This lesson will show you how to connect your DJ controller to your mobile Apple device. This is an installation instruction for iOS. If you have an Android device, we will provide a tutorial for Android when available. This tutorial shows step for step how to download the DJAY PRO AI DJ App, how to turn on the DJ controller, how to connect it to your mobile device and app and even how to load, play and pause tracks. Time to get started!